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New Retreat coming soon:

Gods and Divas in the Kitchen - Tantra Food

Join us for this intermediate workshop, which will be part cooking course, part deep healing work ... you'll love it!

The primary focus will be your connection with food, which is your relationship to you. Have you ever added up the amount of hours we are spent preparing food, eating, washing up, etc.? We choose what goes in to us carefully, and rightfully so, and yet what is beneath all the care? The primal creative core which is our vitality, our sexuality which is associated with so many concepts that it is unrecognizable any more in its truest essence, has its gentle but highly significant influence here. IS there a link between our relationship to our sexuality and our sexual selves, and the food we feed ourselves and offer others with? How can we access that authenticity so that our meals nourish all who let it reach their palates like an arrow to its mark?

This will be an intriguing and exciting journey of discovery for all of us! We aim to strip away the noise and reveal the true soul of creativity.. So that our source of love is the only song with which we source our recipes from.


Tuition: €


Please contact for details !  :-)

New Workshop coming soon:

Holiday Entertaining with SuperFoods & Superheroes

Holy Season Hallejah!

Entertaining, gift giving, gift making, and community building with sustainable creative spirit.

Either as a stand alone one day workshop or as an entire holistic program, this course will add sparkle to your mí na Nollaig!

Week 1:  How can I treat my friends and loved ones with healthy and delicious food for the festive season?

Preparing low GI (Phase 1 or Phase 1.5 in Dr Cousens' RainbowGreenLivefoodCuisine book) party foods, which can also be tailored/packaged to be given as amazing gifts full of love and thought! Tailored to the time of year + season. Focus on presentation and RawFoods particularities

Week 2:  I want to truly gift my friend and love ones with the best (physical/material) gift  on the planet, to let them know I'm thinking of them, to say Thank you, I love you, Let's have fun!

This will be a crafty DIY gift-making workshop! For those of ye who want to be more hands-on during the courses, this is the one for you! WE focus on preparing low GI nibbles for gift-giving. Raw and LivingFoods which keep well, and how to package and store  them.

Week 3:  Entertaining with whole foods

How Living & Raw Vegan foods fit into a PARTY environment. Like the best musical improvisers here we also dissect the party host/hostess role in a quest for truth and greater accuracy to what we wish to embody when the stage is lit and magic is ready to happen. What does it truly mean to give to others? Although we will prepare some food, we will also delve into WHO is doing the hosting? This may open the doors to some far reaching realms. Enter if you dare...

Please bring mirror, power object, 3 photos of participant (as an infant, as a child, in a happy memory where you felt good/loved)




Please contact for details! 

A Rustic 'n' RAW Twist on Urban Dishes

Chef's Corner

Meet head chef Peneleapaí, with a legion of NorthAmerican + Asian genes, Italian culinary conditioning, holistic lifestyle / festival / whole food café cooking experience from NYC to Berlin as she directs the kitchen of BIA BEO, first birth'd as Ireland's only RawFoods Box Scheme (2013) and now in its second incarnation providing raw and living foods and lifestyle products, workshops, experiences... 

Together with head RawPizza chef Kieran, their vision of downloading the spiritual destiny of a renaissance Ireland in alignment with the paradigm shift begins with the nourishment one chooses in consciousness and in joy!


We love gracing your private functions, workshop retreats, festival foods, children's parties, event openings, and any other meetings where the quality and uniqueness of the refreshments count. Easily consulted every step of the way to tailor the menu to perfection as only you would choose. Or else give us your ideas and let us propose a plan to you. The sky is the limit, and we will work with your budget, dream ingredients, and allergies or any other specifics in order to streamline your order.


Pop over here to inspect any seasonal specialties, freshly made in situ takeaways, festival offerings, workshop demos for your parties, wo/men's sheds, after (or during) school clubs, imported finds from our Raw rovings around the globe... 

Organic Raw ProBiotic Sauerkraut

nothing simpler: fresh organic cabbage, organic pink Himalayan crystal salt, organic Caraway seed / or local organic Dill weed.


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Organic Raw Crackers "Golden Celeriac"

ingredients: organic golden flax seeds, fresh organic local Celeriac root vegetable, organic mixed herbs (source: Nóinín Herbal Products, Co. Clare), H2O, psyllium husks


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Raw Living Sprouts

Green Sprouts from tray - varieties available as required: China Rose Radish; Sunflower; Broccoli;

Pulses: aduki; lentil Black Beluga; lentil brown; lentil green; mungbean green


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