At BIA BEO, we take pride in creating small batches of living and raw foods with the minimal processing necessary, ensuring the least amount of vitamin+mineral loss and oxidation, which means we simply don't turn on the blender and pulverize precious locally grown organic, BioDynamic, or wildcrafted materials in an unmonitored over processing practise. Following Dr Gabriel Cousens [see 'Newsflash!'] 's protocol that any longer than 10 honest seconds in the blender and the integrity of the raw materials is already compromised, we take extra care to be sure no % is compromised inn their conception, production, and creation at BIA BEO labs. What you get is what you would prepare with the cream of the season, the very best at the peak freshness, and all that goodness going fully into you!

The other element that sets BIA BEO apart from most all of the other RAwFoods producers in Ireland is the research and experience put into the Healing phase of diet, referred to as "Phase 1" on Dr Gabriel Cousens's "Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine". It is a low GI and foundational level phase of the Rainbow Diet. Capable of 100% restoring of any imbalances in the organism. For anyone suffering with weight management issues, Diabetes, Thyroid, Candida, or immunity-compromised concerns, as well as anyone wishing to simply re-set their system, this is the most powerful full-spectrum system for redressing the handicaps in their physiology by healing diet. We are both proud and humbled to be able to carry this endorsement from Dr Cousens; all of BIA BEO's crackers and breads unless otherwise stated are "Phase 1" friendly and 0% GI, as well as most of our other products! It can seem daunting to find a pure way of 'cooking', or eating, but we are hoping that with our range of Phase 1 friendly staples one can taste that plain and pure don't have to be spartan or lifeless! (Well, all feedback ~excuse the pun~ is most welcome)


About Us

Humble treats for the most VIP citizens in the parish - our young'uns! 
Mol an óige agus tiocfaidh siad ..... we surely subscribe to this truism. Praise our youth indeed, with the best nourishment we can present to them, and they surely will be risen to the starlight legacy they are entitled to!

(modern twist on a traditional seanfhocal translation)

Pictured:  afterschool snack of raw cracker (flax seed, sunflower seed, zucchini, mixed herbs), with a topping of seed cheese (pine nuts, sunflower seeds, basil, olive oil, asaphoetida spice), and garnishes of fresh cilantro, fresh avocado, and fresh red pepper.

Sweet treat of fresh raw cacao truffles (raw cacao, raw spirulina, coconut oil, ground almonds, fresh whole almond surprise in the middle, raw coconut syrup, raw almond butter, pink Himalayan salt)

Chef's Corner

Every creation you see at BIA BEO is fully living and vibrating with vitamins, minerals, elements, enzymes, chlorophyll, oxygen, H2O, and the untouched nutritional profile of our gardens's pure harvests. Our prerogative is to source as much of our ingredients in season and from Ireland as possible. Because to be composed of the living and raw lifestyle inherent in a pure way of life, there are no boundaries, geographic or otherwise...


In our experience and research, we have connected with likeminded people and companies internationally, passionate about integrity and quality. About ethics over profit. And always 100% organic, fairly traded, and also happily gluten-free, diabetic-friendly, low GI, wheat-free, non-GMO, corn,soya + dairy-free, vegan-friendly, and vegetarian! that's a mouthful..